When you buy digital stamps, you are not buying a physical product but the "right" and "permisision" to use it on a personal basis, just YOU, not your friends and family.

License and Copyright
All products and original artwork created by Sonia Kertznus and all rights are reserved.  The copyright an these designs belong to SKdigis and Sonia Kertznus only.
*  Image buyer is a single user (sharing is stealing)
*  Images are for personal use and NOT for commercial reproduction.  (You may sell handmade cards,     but NOT the image by itself).
*  These images are NOT to be sent as a gift, in RAK's, swaps or anything similar.
*  Do NOT turn SKdigis designs into rubber or clear stamps, nor digitize them for embroidery.


Digital stamps and other digital images/products will not be refunded due to their electronic download nature.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Angel Policy

You may sell all the crafted items you create with SKdigis images, however, please follow the license and copyright guidelines.  You may submit the cards/craft projects for publication.  SKdigis are absolutely NOT for commercial use, nor reproduction.


*  I will greatly appreciate it if you give credit to SKdigis ( with a link  whenever you post SKdigis.
*  Let us know when you get published using SKdigis.  Make a copy of the page in the magazine and "IF" SKdigis is mentioned in the article we will e-mail you 5 SKdigis of your choice.